Durability and longer life span. The openings on our house’s walls, the doors and windows, are the best entry points for cold and heat, depending of the season. As a result we spend a great amount of energy for heating or cooling, in order to improve our living conditions.

To contain energy consumption, we must chose door and window frames that can resist the fluctuation of temperature in our area. The best material for constructing frames is aluminum.




Aluminum is resistant and doesn’t get damaged over time because it has a longer lifespan than other materials. By installing aluminum frames we can rest assured for many years as they need no maintenance besides cleaning.

Longer life span

By using aluminum frames we get a faster return of their value because of the reduced energy consumption.


Wide range of designs and dimensions

Aluminum frames offer great versatility regarding design and fitting. You can chose between hinged and sliding doors retractable – reclining doors or more specified options like, separators, bead wall, atrium, among others.


Wide range of colors

Additionally aluminum can be painted in any tint and it’s colour will remain changeless through time.


100% Environment frendly

Aluminum frames are 100% environment friendly. They are constructed in a way that fully complies with EU regulations and have all the necessary certifications. ATRAGROUP frames are ISO certified and come with written quality guarantee.

Excellent sound and temperature proofing

Aluminum frames provide an excellent level of sound and temperature proofing. They maintain a stable, ideal temperature regardless of season and allow to cut back on heating and cooling expenses. Additionally, depending on construction, they provide a high level of sound proofing, keeping annoying noises outside your home.

Atragroup Window Systems

To fully enjoy the benefits of aluminum frames, proper study and installation is required. In ATRAGROUP, our long experience and modern equipment provide the best guarantee for a successful project.